Low carbon steel wire products

Last updated 2016-06-08

Zinc-coated low carbon steel wire

fence1.jpgshadow_gry_Right.pngCorrosion resistance:
High quality Zinc are uniformly galvanized and their sacrificial anti-corrosion effect make the excellent corrosion resistance.
Our original galvanizing technologies also make remarkable adhesion , thus they cannot be easily broken up by bending strongly.
Our special surface treatment materializes undeniable workability and make highly-efficient work.
shadow_gry_Right.pngUsed for:
Wide range such as Gabion, fence, flat wire, fish cage, etc.

Zinc-Aluminum alloy-coated steel wire

kagomat.jpgshadow_gry_Right.pngCorrosion resistance:
Our high quality Zn-Al coated wire has high-corrosion resistance compared with the Zinc coated wires.
Zn-Al also cannot be easily broken up by bending strongly, and have prominent technological property by special surface treatments.
Excellent harmony with environment has been leading such as materials for gabion.
shadow_gry_Right.pngUsed for:
Wide range such as gabion, fish cage, flat wire, Special parts against corrosion, etc.

New suncolor wire

Adoption of special polyester resin paint with excellent weather resistance and workability.
Low-gloss finish is friendly to the environment and improves the harmony with environment.

ble_HandLens.pngYou can see a large size picture if you click on pictureDoticon_Right.png