Fasteners & Special finished goods

Last updated 2016-06-08

Torshear Type High-Strength Bolt

・ST Bolt
・ST Bolt FR ※2
・ST Bolt W ※3


We offer various stable high-strength bolts (ST bolt, Nichia high-strength bolt , GN bolt). Our factories have a certification of Japanese Industrial Standards and also complies with the MLIT※1. We meet the needs of various industries such as building construction, bridge, shipping, motor vehicle industry.

※1 MLIT; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
※2 FR; Fire Resistant steel
※3 W; Weathering steel

High Strength Hexagon Bolt

・Nichia High Strength Bolt
・Nichia High Strength Bolt FR ※2
・Nichia High Strength Bolt W ※3

Hot-dip galvanized High Strength Bolt

・GN Bolt
・GN Bolt FR ※2
(certificate of MLIT ※1)

Special finished products

Our tight cross fence and Nichia fence which have unique structures are easy to construct and you can expect the high protective effect. It is heavy galvanized, resist rust, aintenance-free and very economical.

shadow_gry_Right.png Feature
・Guard fence is easy to work by unrolling the coil-shaped wire mesh.
・The material of wire mesh is special heavy galvanized wire or NEW
・The knot which is unique figure keeps the intersection of wire mesh tight.
・As the vertical pitch of mesh, the upper can be large and the lower can be smaller.
・Folding the bottom prevents the entry of animals.
・〝MONKY FENCE″ comes with our original electric fence. 〔patented〕